Actuarial Science Admission


Starting in 2023, there is direct admission to the Actuarial Science major program from high school and through the college/post-secondary transfer pathway. Students interested in pursuing actuarial science should apply to the Faculty of Science and select Actuarial Science as their program.

Internal transfers from other programs at SFU are possible, subject to the following internal admission requirements:

  • Completion of ACMA 101 and ACMA 201, both with a grade of B- or better, and
  • A minimum GPA of 2.50 across all ACMA/STAT/MATH/MACM/CMPT courses at SFU.

A request for internal transfer to Actuarial Science can be made through the Actuarial Science Advisor at any time once the student has completed ACMA 101 and ACMA 201.

Suggested First- and Second-Year Courses

In their first and second years of study, students should complete the lower division requirements of the programs. This document suggests which courses to take and in which terms to take them.

Honours Program

The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science also offers a Bachelor of Science honours program in Actuarial Science. The criteria for admission are the same for the Actuarial Science major and honours programs. Students interested in the honours program should contact the Actuarial Science Advisor.