Actuarial Science Admission

Applications for admission in the Fall 2022 semester are now closed. Applications for 2023 admission will be open in March 2023.


There is no direct admission to the Actuarial Science programs from high school or through the college/post-secondary transfer pathway. Instead, students interested in pursuing actuarial science are admitted as 'intended majors' in the Faculty of Science and must apply for approval to the program once their studies are in progress at SFU. Internal transfers from another Faculty are possible, subject to the same process.

Applications for program approval are accepted once a year, during the term that ACMA 201 is offered. Admission is based on performance at SFU (and, if applicable, other institutions) in key courses in mathematics, statistics and actuarial science.

Suggested First- and Second-Year Courses

In their first and second years of study (before formally applying to the Actuarial Science programs), students should complete the lower division requirements of the programs. This document suggests which courses to take and in which terms to take them.

Admission CRITERIA

  • As stated in the Calendar under Admission Requirements, a student who has completed most of the lower division program requirements in MATH and STAT plus ACMA 201 with a grade of C+ or better may apply.
  • Students are expected to have a grade of C+ or better in MATH 152, STAT 270, and ACMA 201 and have a minimum CGPA of 2.67. Ideally, students will have also completed ACMA 101, STAT 285, and MATH 240/232.
  • Students who have not yet taken STAT 285 by the time they apply may be offered conditional admission.
  • The criteria for admission are the same for the Actuarial Science major and honours programs. 

Detailed Instructions and Information

  • Detailed instructions on how to apply are available only when the application portal is open. Please check back in March 2023.