Broaden your knowledge of statistics, actuarial science, and data science, collaborating with inspiring professors and peers.

Featured Students

Our students come to SFU from all over the world, bringing with them their energy, skills, and enthusiasm.

They share a common interest in data and quantitative science -- though express this interest in diverse ways!

Some go on to be practising actuaries; others become data scientists working in gaming, finance, health care, or sports analytics; still others carry on to graduate school and careers in academia.

We are fortunate to work with such wonderful, talented individuals!


Studying statistics, actuarial science, or data science opens up pathways to a variety of careers. 

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Degree Programs

Choosing from statistics, actuarial science, and data science allows you to specialize in your particular area of interest.

The statistics major and honours programs give you a firm grounding in data analysis methods—both “how” and “why” these methods work. Use your knowledge to zero in on a specialty like analysis of Big Data, machine learning methods, statistical theory, or experimental design.

The actuarial science major and honours programs introduce you to multiple disciplines (mathematics, statistics, economics, business, and computing) to prepare you for entry into the actuarial profession. Explore courses and co-op placements in a variety of actuarial fields, including life/health insurance, pensions, property & casualty insurance, financial risk management, and predictive analytics to find your best fit.

Finally, the data science major and honours programs teach not only data analysis but the computing and business skills needed for success in today’s job market.

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Admissions and Transferring 

Whether you’re thinking of studying at SFU, are a current student looking to change departments, or are an external transfer student, find answers to your admissions questions.

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Statistics & Actuarial Science co-op

Earn real-life experience and pave the way for your future career. SFU’s co-op program helps you network and gain skills for the workplace while pursuing your degree.

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Research Opportunities

Collaborate with faculty members on exciting original research, taking full advantage of their expertise in the statistics, actuarial science, and data science topics about which you’re most passionate.

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Contact Us 

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