Actuarial Science

The following information applies to students who have already been admitted to the actuarial science major or honours program. If you are an intended actuarial science student, please be sure to review the information for prospective students.


The Actuarial Science programs include courses in both actuarial science and other disciplines, such as statistics, economics, business, mathematics, and computer programming. Actuarial Science courses train students in measuring and modelling certain types of risks, as well as designing, pricing and managing solutions that protect consumers and busineses from those risks. Typical progression through these courses is illustrated in this flow chart and details about each course are available in our course outlines.

Students may also combine study and work through SFU's co-operative education program or research assistanceships. Such experience with solving real-world problems complements classroom learning and provides a head start when establishing a career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Requirements

  • For formal requirements of the Actuarial Science major and honours programs, see the SFU Calendar
  • To choose and schedule your courses, see this flowchart
  • Suggested Course Scheduling for Fall 2021 and Fall 2022 on
  • New rules for taking upper division courses in the Beedie School of Business

Continuation Requirement

  • To continue in Actuarial Science programs, students must maintain at least a 2.25 grade point average in MATH, STAT, MACM, and ACMA courses.



If you already hold a university degree and are seeking a second degree in Actuarial Science, please see our FAQs and these university guidelines


For further information, please contact the Actuarial Science Group Leader.