Actuarial Science-Undergraduate

Course (click for outline) Course name
ACMA-101 Introduction to Insurance
Interest Theory and Applications
ACMA-210 (Renumbered ACMA 201)   Mathematics of Compound Interest
ACMA-301 Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics I
ACMA-310 (Renumbered ACMA-210) Mathematics of Compound Interest
ACMA-315 (No Longer Offered) Credibility Theory
ACMA-320 (Renumbered ACMA-301) Actuarial Mathematics I
ACMA-335 (No Longer Offered) Risk Theory
ACMA-340 Financial Economics for Actuaries
ACMA-355 Loss Models I
ACMA-360W Actuarial Communication
Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics II
ACMA-395 Special Topics in Actuarial Science
ACMA-425 (Renumbered ACMA-401) Actuarial Mathematics II
ACMA-440 (No Longer Offered) Models for Financial Economics
ACMA-445 (No Longer Offered) Loss Models: Estimation & Selection
ACMA-455 Loss Models II
ACMA-465 Demography and Mortality Models
ACMA-470 Property and Casualty Insurance
ACMA-475 Theory of Pension
ACMA-490 Selected Topics in Actuarial Science