SAS Certification

The department encourages undergraduate majors/honours and graduate students to develop computing skills that can make them more valuable in the workplace. SAS offers a certification program where students can receive a certification credential by passing an exam. While we are not affiliated with SAS in any way, we recognize the potential value that such a credential may have to students who are seeking jobs. We therefore offer to reimburse students in any of the department's major, honours, or graduate programs for the discounted cost of one passed SAS certification exam (currently $90).  

Details on the entire SAS certification program can be found here. We do not run this program. Details on scheduling an exam can be found through the same website. Be sure to request an academic 50% discount (the amount that we will reimburse). 

To arrange for reimbursement, please email the department's financial clerk (stat_usec_fincl at Make sure that you include in your email your receipt and the message from SAS that you have passed the exam.

To be reimbursed the $90 cost of your SAS Certification, you should complete an expense claim form. Make sure that you include your receipt and the message from SAS that you have passed the exam:

  • If you are currently getting paid through SFU please login to to complete your claim.  Instructions can be found here.
  • If you are not currently being paid through SFU please fill out page 1 of the Travel Claim (Non Employee) form and attach all receipts. Once complete please drop off your Travel Claim and receipts to our Financial Clerk Anna Soo in SC-K10545 or you can scan and email them to her at