SSC Membership


Joining a professional society as a student can help you to become connected to your future profession sooner and more strongly than otherwise. You will find networking opportunities, learning opportunities, and a sense of belonging in a community of professionals with similar interests and career goals as yours. The Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) is our nation's primary professional society for statisticians (and there is a special section for actuarial science, as well!). We encourage all students to join. 

Because we think membership is so important, all students in our department's major, honours, and graduate programs as of January 1, 2020, can join for free! Specifically, whether you are joining for the first time or renewing, the department will reimburse your $25 yearly dues. The process requires you to pay for your registration online and then file for reimbursement (see below).

You can enjoy the benefits of membership all through the calendar year, including a discount on registration to the SSC Annual Meeting and the Joint Statistical Meetings. So don't delay: join today!

Reimbursement Procedure

To be reimbursed the $25 cost of your SSC membership fee, you should complete an expense claim form:

  • If you are currently getting paid through SFU please login to to complete your claim.  Instructions can be found here.
  • If you are not currently being paid through SFU please fill out page 1 of the Travel Claim (Non Employee) form and attach all receipts. Once complete please drop off your Travel Claim and receipts to our Financial Clerk Anna Soo in SC-K10545 or you can scan and email them to her at