Need a tutor?

Current SFU students taking STAT, ACMA, or DATA courses

If you are an SFU student looking for a tutor and are taking STAT, ACMA, or DATA courses, you should send an email request from your SFU email account to the mailing list with “Tutor Request” in the subject line. Please include only information that you would like sent to this list. DO NOT include your SFU id number. Members of this list include graduate students, actuarial science students, 4th year statistics students, and some people external to the University (e.g., professional tutors). Please note that your request may be sent to students who are in your class for which you are requesting a tutor. If you have any questions, please email


If you are looking for a tutor in statistics, actuarial science, or data science but don't have an SFU email address or are not enrolled in a STAT, ACMA, or DATA course, please email with your request.


The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any actions taken related to tutors.