Credit for STAT 812 through a Co-op Work Term

Statistics M.Sc. students are generally required to obtain credit for the consulting courses STAT 811 and STAT 812 as part of their program. The principal purpose of this requirement is to ensure that students have practice dealing with clients in a consulting context. However, with the approval of their senior supervisor, students may earn credit for STAT 812 through a co-operative-education work term. In order to get credit for STAT 812 in this way:

  1. Students should ask their supervisor to write to the Director of the Statistical Consulting Service to request approval for STAT 812 credit. The supervisor should cc the Graduate Program Assistant, the Graduate Program Chair and the student when making the request to the Director of the Statistical Consulting Service.
  2. Once students receive approval from the Director of the Statistical Consulting Service, they may register for a co-op term.  However, to avoid paying a higher fee, students should refrain from registering for STAT 812 until the term following the co-op term.
  3. Before the registration period begins for the term following the co-op, students should forward their approval for STAT 812 credit to the Graduate Program Assistant, along with a request to be registered for STAT 812 G200 in the upcoming semester (section G200 is graded S/U). 
  4. Students need to submit, at the end of their co-op term, a report outlining their activities to the Director of the Statistical Consulting Service. The Director will assign an S/U grade and inform the Graduate Program Assistant of this grade.

Note: Co-op work terms are normally not allowed in the last semester of a degree program.