M.Sc. and Ph.D. Defences

Below is the schedule of upcoming defences for graduate students in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science. Defences are currently being held remotely due to COVID-19. If you wish to attend, please email statgrad at

Spring 2022

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


12 9:30am (PDT) Remote M.Sc. Zayed Shahjahan Bayesian Variable Selection in Regression with Genetics Application
20 1:00pm (PDT) Remote M.Sc. Mengqi (Molly) Cen A PDE-Based Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Event Spread, with Application to Covid-19 Infection
25 3:00pm (PDT) Remote M.Sc. Wen Tian (Wendy) Wang Selection Between Variance-Optimal and Bias-Optimal Designs When Some Two-Factor Interactions Are Important
29 10:00am (PDT) Remote Ph.D. Faezeh Yazdi Fast Deep Gaussian Process Modeling and Design for Large Complex Computer Experiments
29 10:30am (PDT) Remote M.Sc. Winfield Chen Towards efficient population-level genome-wide association studies

Fall 2021

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


17 4:00pm (PST) Remote M.Sc Kangyi (Ken) Peng Bayesian Approaches for Critical Velocity Models


14 3:00pm (PDT) Remote M.Sc Xueyi (Wendy) Xu A Particle Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach for the Estimation of CBD-Type Models


13 9:30am (PDT) Remote Ph.D Christina Nieuwoudt Simulation and Statistical Methods for Family-Based Sequencing Studies

Summer 2021

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


24 9:30am (PDT) Remote Ph.D. Charith Karunarathna Sequence Clustering for Genetic Mapping of Binary Traits
18 10:30am (PDT) Remote M.Sc Gloria (Xuefei) Yang Covariance-adjusted, Sparse, Reduced-Rank Regression with Adjustment for Confounders
17 10:30am (PDT) Remote M.Sc Zubia Mansoor Exploring Out of Distribution: Deep Neural Networks and the Human Brain
13 10:30am (PDT) Remote M.Sc Joosung (Sonny) Min Q-Learning with Online Trees
1:00pm (PDT)
Vivian (Yige) Jin
Numerical Approximation Algorithms for Pension Funding


22 2:30pm (PDT) Remote M.Sc. Seyeon Kim
Applications of Reserving Methods for Property and Casualty Insurance in Modeling of Mortality Rates
7 3:00pm (PDT) Remote M.Sc. Peter Tea
The Analysis of Serve Decisions in Tennis using Bayesian Hierarchical Models


18 1:30pm (PDT) Remote
Ph.D. Cheng-Yu Sun Factorial Designs under Baseline Parameterization and Space-filling Designs with Applications to Big Data


19 2:30pm(PDT) Remote M.Sc. Louis Arsenault-Mahjoubi On the Bayesian Estimation of Jump-Diffusion Models in Finance

Spring 2021

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


26 1:00pm (PDT) Remote M.Sc. Lisa McQuarrie Autoregressive Mixed Effects Models and an Application to Annual Income of Cancer Survivors
21 10:30am (PDT)  Remote M.Sc. Yunwei Tu
Post-selection Inference
10:30am (PDT)   Remote M.Sc. Nikola Surjanovic An Efficient Approach to Pruning Regression Trees Using a Modified Bayesian Information Criterion

Fall 2020

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


17 10am (PST) Remote M.Sc. Renny Doig
Efficient Bayesian Parameter Inference for COVID-19 Transmission Models
16 1:00pm (PST) Remote M.Sc. Dylan Maciel Systematic Comparison of Designs and Emulators for Computer Experiments Using a Library of Test Functions


25 2:30pm (PST) Remote M.Sc. James Thomson Contextual Batting and Bowling in Limited Overs Cricket
1pm (PST)   Remote M.Sc. Cherie Ng A Flexible Group Benefits Framework for Pricing Deposit Rates