2015-2016 Seminar Series


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08 1:30-2:10 *ASB 10901 Kam Chuen Yuen - Professor, Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, University of Hongkong Optimal reinsurance under thinning dependence 
08 *2:20-3:00 *ASB 10901 Shuanming Li - Associate Professor, Centre for Actuarial Studies, Department of Economics, The University of Melbourne  On the discounted aggregate claims occurred in certain states in a MAP risk process
15 *2:30 ASB 10900 Steven Gilmour - Professor, Department of Mathematics, King's College London, New families of Q_B-optimal saturated two-level main effects screening designs


05 1:30 ASB 10900 Emma Jingfei Zhang, Assistant Professor, Mangement Science, University of Miami Clustered Temporal Point Process Model with Application to Sina Weibo User Data
 *Mon. 15 *11:00 *K9509 Zhenhua Lin, PhD candidate, Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto Mixture Models and Densities for Functional Data



Date Time Locations Speaker Title


15 1:30 ASB 10900 Hui Xie - Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU A Scalable Approach to Measuring the Impact of Nonignorable Nonresponse with An Application to EMA Data
22 1:30 ASB 10900 Ben Haaland - Assistant Professor,  Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Georgia Tech Computationally efficient approximation of large-scale and high-dimensional simulations
29 1:30 ASB 10900 Jason Loeppky - Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, University of British Columbia Okanagan A New Look at Statistical Invariance


*03 Wed 1:30 ASB 10900 Jochen Brumm, Ph.D. - Senior Statistical Scientist, Genentech Statistics in Drug Development: A Personal Perspective
05 1:30 ASB 10900 Rob Deardon - Associate Professor, University of Calgary Approximate Bayesian inference for large-scale epidemic models
19 1:30 ASB 10900    
26 1:30 ASB 10900 Peter Qian - Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Wisconsin-Madison Some Statistical Aspects of Uncertainty Quantification


04 1:30 ASB 10900 Paul McNicholas - Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, McMaster University Mixture Model-Based Clustering
11 1:30 ASB 10900 CANCELLED  
18 1:30 ASB 10900 John Braun - Professor, Department of Statistcs, University of British Columbia Okanagan Dionysus: a Randomized Fire Growth Simulator


01 1:30 ASB 10900 CANCELLED                                                                                                     Sallie Keller - Director and Professor, Department of Statistics, Virginia Tech -  Building Resilient Communities: Harnessing the Power of Data
08 1:30 ASB 10900    


FALL 2015

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18 1:30 ASB 10900

1.) Wayne Wang - VPR USRA Recipient

2.) Nathan Esau - NSERC USRA Recipient

3.) Hongshi (Jenny) Li -VPR USRA Recipient

4.) Yifan (Lucas) Wu - VPR USRA Recipient

5.) Philippa Swartz - NERSC USRA Recipient

1.) Quality control and imputation of genomic data from the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

2.) Intergenerational Equity in Pension Plans 

3.) Statistical Analysis of Damage Caused by Atlantic Hurricane Landfalls in US

4.) Home Field Advantage in the MLS

5.)Quality of Pitches in Major League Baseball

25 1:30 ASB 10900 Jiguo Cao - Associate Professor, Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, SFU Estimating time-varying gene regulation network




ASB 10900 Yuling Zhou - FCAS, FCIA, Associate Manger, Actuarial Services,  BCAA
Theory to Business Success 


ASB 10900 Haocheng Li - Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology, University of Calgary

Functional Data Analysis in Physical Activity Studies



ASB 10900 Charles Manty - PBI Actuarial Consultants
Keeping Pension Plans Healthy with Stochastic Projections


ASB 10900

Mathieu Gerber - PDF Harvard University

Sequential quasi-Monte Carlo
30 1:30 ASB 10900 Chris Carleton - SFU Archaeiology Complications in analytical archaeology



1:30 ASB 10900 Michael Grosskopf - PhD student, Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, SFU Aligning replicate time series for cyber-physical network intrusion detection

1:30 ASB 10900 Elena Popovici - Senior Scientist, Phd, at Icosystem Small Data, Rich Data: Exploratory Analysis and Visualization