2018-2019 Seminar Series


Date  Time Locations Speaker  Title


10 1:30 K9509 Per Kragh Andersen - Professor, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen Measuring Expected Years of Life Lost


Date  Time Locations Speaker  Title


15 3:30 *SWH 10081 Sander Greenland - Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology and Statistics, University of California Los Angeles CANSSI Seminar Series - Statistics as a condemned building: A demolition and reconstruction plan
22 1:30 ASB10900 Jessica Li - Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics and Biology, University of California Los Angeles Neyman-Pearson Classification Algorithms and NP Receiver Operating Characteristics


15 1:30 ASB 10900 Aaron Danielson - Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Statistics, SFU Network Imputation with Copula-based Methods
22 1:30 ASB 10900 Bowei Xi - Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Purdue University A Game Theoretic Approach for Adversarial Machine Learning -- When Big Data Meets Cyber Security
29 1:30 ASB 10900 Nancy Flournoy - Curators Distinguished Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Missouri Adjusting for Bias Induced by Informative Dose Selection Procedures


12 1:30 ASB 10900 Ying Chen - PhD, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and University of Washington On Measuring Functional Attribution

 FALL 2018

Date  Time Locations Speaker  Title


21 1:30 K9509
Yongdao Zhou- Professor, Institute of Statistics, Nankai University, China Uniform designs and their applications
28 1:30 K9509 Gwendolyn Eadie - Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Astronomy, University of Washington Statistical challenges on an astronomical scale: Bayesian estimates of the Milky Way’s dark matter halo


12 1:30 K9509 Caroline Colijn- Professor & Canada 150 Research Chair, Department of Mathematics, SFU Methods and challenges in understanding transmission from pathogen genetic data
19 1:30 K9509 Mei-Cheng Wang- Professor, Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins University Complexity in Simple Cross-Sectional Data with Binary Disease Outcome
    CANCELLED Matt Higham- Statistics Department, Oregon State University Adjusting for Imperfect Detection in Block Kriging and in a Bayesian Hierarchical Model


09 1:30  K9509 Xin (Shane) Liu - Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science  Data-adaptive Kernel Support Vector Machine
16 1:30 *ASB10900 Hude Quan - Professor and Director, The Centre for Health Informatics Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary.   Using Administrative Data for Epidemiological Studies
23 1:30 K9509 Bohdan Nosyk - Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University - Health Economic Research Unit, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS Using population-level data to support the response to the public health emergency on illicit drug overdose
30 1:30 *ASB10900 Teresa Cheung - Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, School of Engineering Science, SFU
Finding a needle in the haystack: The challenges in using Magnetoencephalography to localize brain activity


    CANCELLED Ying Qing Chen - Affiliate Professor, Biostatistics, Universtiy of Washington, USA On Measuring Functional Attribution
14 1:30 *ASB10900 Celia Greenwood - Professor, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, McGill University Mendelian Randomization in the presence of pleiotropy
21 1:30 K9509 Doug Schaubel - Professor, Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan Matching methods for evaluating the effect of a time-dependent treatment on the survival function