USRA 2019


Description Supervisor Student Semester Award Type
Fast Compression and Data Structures for Genetics L. Elliott W. Chen 1194 NSERC
Modelling Economies of Scale in Pension Funds J.-F. Bégin Q.R. Li 1194 NSERC
Intergenerational Risk Sharing in Funded Pension Plans: A Game-Theoretic Approach B. Sanders F. E. Chen 1194 VPR
Seeding the simRVsequences R package J. Graham W. W. Wang 1194 NSERC
LDheatmap code enhancements B. McNeney Y. Yan 1194 VPR
Goodness-of-fit with weighted data R. Lockhart L. Yao 1194 VPR
Bayesian evaluation and interpretation of LASSO model fits R. Lockhart X. T. Zhang 1194 VPR
Inference Conditional on a Tuning Parameter Selected by Cross Validation R. Lockhart J. C. Liu 1194 VPR