I attend Fraser International College

Application status and transcripts

1. What is the status of my application and when will I hear back?

We will update your SFU Student Center (goSFU) with information about your application status as soon as we have made a decision.

2. Why are you asking me for my high school transcript?

All students must meet SFU's minimum English Language Requirement and Quantitative Requirement which can be met through your high school coursework. If you are meeting these requirements through FIC, please contact us by submitting a question.

3. Why are you asking me for my final FIC transcript?

It is very likely you are not currently admissible based on your official interim grades. We will review your final grades in order to make a final admission decision.

4. Can I defer my admission offer?

All deferral requests are looked at on a case by case basis. To apply, please fill out the Deferral form

5. Can I change the program I've applied to?

To submit a program change request, fill out the Change Program form.

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