Advanced Placement (AP)

AP program transfer credit

Transfer credit and/or advanced standing are granted to students who complete AP examinations in certain transferable subjects and achieve a score of 4 or 5. Course challenge (credit by examination) is also available in some disciplines. 

Your official test scores must be sent directly to SFU from the College Board, for you to  receive transfer credit for AP exams.

Transferable subjects

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APP examination SFU recognition
Art History
FPA 167 (3), FPA 1XX (3) Visual Art History
Biology BISC 101 (4), 102 (4)
Calculus AB MATH 151 (3)
Calculus BC MATH 151 (3), 152 (3)
Chemistry CHEM 121 (4), CHEM 122 (2)
Chinese language and culture CHIN1XX-6
Computer science A CMPT 120 (3), CMPT 1XX (3)
Computer Science Principles
CMPT 1XX (3)
macroeconomics or microeconomics
ECON 103 (4) or ECON 105 (4)
English language and composition ENGL 1XX (3)
English literature and composition ENGL 1XX (3)
Environmental science BISC 1XX (3)
European history HIST 106 (3)
French language and culture FREN 1XX (3) or 1XX (6) depending on placement test
German language and culture GERM 102 (4) with a score of 4, or GERM 102 (4), 103 (4) with a score of 5
Government and politics: comparative POL 100 (3)
Government and politics: United States POL 232 (3)
Human geography GEOG 100 (3)
Italian language and culture
ITAL 1XX (6)
Japanese language and culture JAPN 1XX (6)
Latin: Vergil HUM 161 (3)
Music theory FPA 104 (3), FPA 1XX (3) Music Studio
Physics 1 PHYS 100 (3)
Physics 2 PHYS 101 (3), PHYS 102 (3)
Physics C PHYS 120 (3), PHYS 121 (3)
Note: These topics are not covered in APP physics C but are in PHYS 120 and 121: heat, kinetic theory, thermodynamics, wave motion, interference diffraction, geometric optics and some topics in modern physics and special relativity.
Psychology PSYC 100 (3), PSYC 102 (3)
Spanish language and culture Advanced standing in SPAN 303
Spanish literature Advanced standing in SPAN 240, SPAN 103
Statistics STAT 203 (3)
Studio Art: drawing FPA 1XX (6) Visual Art Studio
Studio Art: 2D design FPA 1XX (3) Visual Art Studio
Studio Art: 3D design FPA 1XX (6) Visual Art Studio
United States History
HIST 212 (3), HIST 213 (3)
World History
HIST 106 (3), HIST 1XX (3)

BC high school AP equivalents

  • AP courses may be in used in place of an approved Grade 12 course to fulfill the admission requirements of List A and/or List B courses.
  • AP courses with direct course equivalents will be used as such.
  • AP courses with subject area equivalents may be used within List A for certain programs, as shown below, otherwise they will be considered as List B.

Click to see the list of AP courses with subject area equivalents

AP Course BC Course or Subject Area equivalent
AP English Language and Composition 12 English 12/English First Peoples/English Studies 12
AP English Literature and Composition 12

English Literature 12/English 12/English Studies/Literary Studies 12

AP Microeconomics 12
AP Macroeconomics 12
Economics 12/Economic Theory 12
AP Comparative Gov and Politics 12
AP European History 12
AP Psychology 12
AP US Government and Politics 12
AP US History 12
AP World History 12
Considered as List A equivalents for:
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Faculty of Environment – BA, BENV
Faculty of Education - BGS
School for the Contemporary Arts
School of Communication
School of Interactive Arts and Technology
Faculty of Health Sciences – BA, BSc
Beedie School of Business
AP Human Geography Human Geography 12


AP Calculus BC 12 Pre-Calculus 12 / Calculus 12
AP Calculus AB 12 Pre-Calculus 12 / Calculus 12


AP Biology 12 Biology 12/Anatomy & Physiology 12
AP Chemistry 12 Chemistry 12
AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism 12
AP Physics C: Mechanics 12
AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based 12
AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based 12


Physics 12

AP Computer Science A 12
AP Computer Science Principles 12

Computer Science 12


AP Environmental Science 12 Environmental Science 12
AP Statistics 12 Statistics 12


AP French Language and Culture 12 French 12 or Français langue seconde 12
AP German Language and Culture 12 German 12
AP Japanese Language and Culture 12 Japanese 12
AP Chinese Language and Culture 12 Mandarin 12
AP Spanish Language and Culture 12 Spanish 12
AP Italian Language and Culture 12

Italian 12

AP Latin 12  Considered as List A equivalents for:
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
School of Communication


AP 2D Studio Art Design 12

Studio Arts 12/Studio Arts 2d/Studio Arts 3d

AP 3D Studio Art Design 12

AP Studio Art: Drawing 12

AP Art History 12
AP Music Theory 12
Considered as List A equivalents for:
School for the Contemporary Arts


AP exam scores may be substituted for grade 12 courses and used in the admission evaluation.

AP Exam Grade Equivalent Percentage