Required documents

After you've applied, submit your required documents so SFU can evaluate your application. Required documents will appear on your To Do List in your Student Centre. 

Due to high volumes, allow 4-6 weeks for our office to indicate that we have received and processed your documents in your Student Centre. Your application will not be cancelled if your document was submitted by the deadline.

BC/Yukon Highschool Applicant

Are you a current grade 12 BC/Yukon applicant for the Fall term? You must self-report your grades to us. Find more information at

International Baccalaureate Diploma Applicant

Are you a current IB diploma applicant? Ask your counsellor to submit a predicted grades form to SFU.  See International Baccalaureate.

Diverse Qualifications Applicant

Complete the Personal Information Profile and have your referee mail or email your official reference letter.

Submit your documents

Items on your To Do List that have an upload button must be submitted in your Student Centre. All other documents must be submitted directly from an institution, or by mail.

Prepare your documents 

After you have received your SFU Student Number, please wait one to two business days in order to upload your transcripts and other documentation in your Student Centre.

All transcripts and documents uploaded to your Student Centre will be considered unofficial and can be used for admission evaluation.  Please do not submit password protected or encrypted documents.

Only requested items on your Student Centre To Do List are required for your application. Be sure to review each item for specific instructions to ensure a successful submission.

Keep the file name short, and use letters and numbers only. Do not use brackets ( ), question marks (?), quotation marks (') or any special characters in the file name.  Use of special characters may result in processing delays or a rejection.

Accepted file formats

f-check  PDF
f-check  JPG
f-check  JPEG
f-check  PNG
f-check  TIF
f-check  TIFF

Not Accepted file formats

d-remove DOC
d-remove DOCX
d-remove HEIC

Please see instructions to convert your HEIC file to JPG on a Mac or to PDF.

Each requested item will need to be uploaded as one independent file. The Adobe website also contains instructions to merge JPGs into one PDF file using Acrobat Online.

Be sure to double check your document prior to uploading as you cannot edit or delete the document once submitted.

Simon Fraser University may reject your uploaded document if:

  • the information is insufficient
  • the quality is unacceptable
  • the document is password protected 
  • if it does not match the item requested on your To Do List. 

How to upload to your student centre

Step 1: 

Log in to your Student Centre using your student number, then click on Student Centre to view required documents on your To Do List.

Step 2:

On your To Do List, click 'Details' and carefully read each item description for further instructions. Items with an 'Upload' button must be uploaded in your Student Centre. 

It may take up to two business days after receipt of your application for the "upload" button to appear for eligible items.

Step 3:

Click the 'Upload' button next to a corresponding To Do List item to upload a file containing the requested document.

Please Note

Your file should contain only the requested document; do not submit multiple documents in one file. This will result in delays in processing your application.

Step 4:

Click 'Please click here and choose a file to upload' then, click 'Browse...' to select a file to upload from your device.

Step 5:

Click the 'Upload' button to upload your selected file containing the requested document. Once selected, you will not have the option to edit or remove the uploaded file.

Step 6:

Following a successful file upload, on your To Do List, you will see: 

  1. Item Status will change from Not Received to ReceivedAwaiting Processing.
  2. The upload button will be greyed out
  3. Once your document has been reviewed by our office, the status will change to Complete.


After you've uploaded your documents

I uploaded the wrong document. Can I resubmit it again?

Yes, but after review. A member of our Admissions Team will review your document. If your document is deemed an error, or missing information, etc., our office will re-initiate this item, allowing you the opportunity to re-submit. You will be notified via email.

If I have uploaded my documents, do I also need to mail them?

No. Submission of duplicate documents will result in a delay in processing your application. 

Only select documents will be required through regular mail. Such items will be indicated on your To Do List under "details."

I have received a conditional admission offer, how can I submit my documents?

If you have received a conditional admission offer, you will be required to submit your official final documents by ordering them directly from the institution.

Should I upload my professional certificates, resumes, and cover letter ? 

Unless otherwise specified, documents such as professional certificates, resumes or cover letters, and merit or achievement awards do not need to be submitted.

What happens after I've uploaded my documents?

Our office will review your documents and determine whether your application is ready for evaluation. You may be requested to upload additional items. We encourage you to monitor your Student Centre regularly for updates.