Business, Philosophy and the Law

A collaborative offering of the Department of Philosophy (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) and the Beedie School of Business, the Joint Major in Business, Philosophy, and the Law challenges you to think in new ways about how business theory and practices intersect with the law.


Whether you plan to pursue law school or graduate studies, or are preparing for a career in business or a policy-related field, graduate with a set of logical reasoning skills that enables you to see the big picture and connect ideas across disciplines.


Students may opt for a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, or a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Beedie School of Business, depending upon the faculty from which they enter the program. Students are required to complete all faculty requirements for the faculty in which they are enrolled.

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Detailed admission requirements

For students applying directly from BC high school Grade 12, please see the program specific requirements listed for 2020. For other areas and other categories of admission, please see admission requirements.

How to apply

Before applying, you might want to review this help video. Then:

  • Go to
  • In section 4, Applying to SFU, for your first choice:
    • select from the drop-down list of faculties: Beedie School of Business
    • sselect from the drop-down list of programs:  Business or Business - 1st yr Surrey
  • For your second choice:
    • select from the drop-down list of faculties: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    • select from the drop-down list of programs: BA Philosophy
  • After you are accepted, speak to both program advisors about the  Joint Major program.

Career possibilities

The world is changing rapidly and you have no way of knowing the full range of career opportunities available to you in the future. Take a look at the occupations traditionally associated with this program at the Beedie School of Business Career Management Centre.