Counselling and Human Development

Do you want to be able to evaluate counselling and teaching practices in an educational system and improve them? Study the theoretical and practical aspects of enhancing human development.


The Counselling and Human Development program is a minor in the Faculty of Education. It may be added to any major program.

Credential: Minor

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Planning to become a teacher?

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Career possibilities

The world is changing rapidly and you have no way of knowing the full range of career opportunities available to you in the future. Graduates of this program may end up in a range of occupations, including these:

  • Academic Advisor
  • Admissions Counsellor
  • Adult Educator
  • Consultant
  • Curriculum Coordinator
  • ESL Teacher
  • Program Planner
  • Public Lecturer
  • Researcher
  • School Administrator
  • School Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Student Affairs Administrator
  • Teacher