Cultural Resource Management


If you are interested in the identification, evaluation, and conservation of cultural resources such as heritage sites, objects, landscapes, and traditions, then this certificate program is for you. Cultural Resource Management influences the policies and practices of law, business, planning, and community collaboration.

Credential: Certificate

The Cultural Resource Management program in the Faculty of Environment prepares archaeology students for part-time or full-time employment in the cultural resource management sector, which is the biggest employer of archaeologists in British Columbia.

Academic Calendar:

Career possibilities

The world is changing rapidly and you have no way of knowing the full range of career opportunities available to you in the future. Graduates of this program may end up in a range of occupations, including these:

Not sure where to start? Career Services can help you explore your options and create possibilities.

  • Archaeology Project Officer (Prov. Gov.)
  • Consulting Archaeologist
  • Cultural Education Professional
  • Cultural Resources Manager
  • Field Assistant
  • Field Supervisor
  • Heritage Stewardship Manager
  • Land Claims Researcher
  • Municipal Archaeologist
  • Park Archaeologist
  • Senior Field Archaeologist
  • State Historic Preservation Officer (U.S.)
  • Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (U.S.)

How to apply

Certificate program

Apply for this certificate after completion of 30 units at SFU. Other requirements may apply; consult the Calendar.