Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know my student number yet, should I wait to get it before I apply?

It is unnecessary to wait for your student number to apply.  However, your application will be considered incomplete until you get your student number. When you receive your student number, you MUST make sure that this information is received by the Residence & Housing Office. Please be familiar with our Eligibility and Admissions Policy.

Why haven't I heard anything from Residence & Housing yet?

Residence & Housing is only able to move forward with applications of students who have been admitted to SFU or FIC. After you apply for Residence, you can check your status on-line via the Housing Portal. If you application status says "complete" you are most likely in the application queue waiting to see if we have spaces available.

How many credit hours do I have to be taking to live in Residence?

To qualify to live in Residence, you must*:

  • Be registered in at least 9 credit hours (3 courses) for the academic term OR
  • Be enrolled in a full time graduate program OR
  • Be enrolled in a co-op work term or the Back on Track Program

*dependent on availability, special consideration may be given during the Summer term 

Can I take a tour of Residence?

Please look at our web site for pictures and details about all the Residences. Tours are arranged through Student Central to view the Towers (sorry, our other buildings are not available for tours during the Fall and Spring terms). Please call them at 778.782.5620 to organize a time.

When is the deadline to apply for Residence?

There is no official deadline to apply to Residence, but we do fill up quickly. Spaces are offered-first-come-first served so we suggest students do so as early as possible. We will continue to offer housing until we are full.

I've applied for Residence, now what?

Check your application status on-line via the Housing Portal.  It will tell you if your application has been received and will indicate where your application is in the process. Remember, if you have not paid the $50 application fee, your application is not complete and cannot be processed.

How much does it cost to live in Residence?

Costs vary from building to building. Please view our fees page.

When will I know if I’ve received a room in Residence?

We continue to send out housing offers for each term until we are full. Offers may be ongoing throughout any given term. Fall offers typically start to go out in February, Spring offers in early November, and Summer offers in late February.

Can I choose which building I will be living in?

When assigning students to residence, we take into consideration a number of factors. Please look at our Eligibility Table.  Please note that special building requests are not guaranteed unless medical circumstances require it.

Will I have a roommate?

All rooms are single only. We do not have double rooms. If you are placed in a four or two bedroom Townhouse, you will share the common space with other students; your bedroom is private.

When can I move in?

Please refer to your Housing Offer. It will state your move-in date as well as your move-out date. You can also find this information by logging into your application on the Housing Portal.

Can I switch rooms after I move in?

We accept room switches starting three weeks into the academic term or between academic terms. All requests to switch are subject to availability and subject to a fee.  For more information please visit our Forms page.

If I make my confirmation payment and then decide not to move into Residence, can I get a refund?

Please refer to the cancellation policy located in the Residence Contract.

Do I have to be admitted to SFU or FIC to apply for Residence?

SFU Students: You Do NOT have to be admitted to SFU to submit an application, but we will not offer you housing until you have accepted an offer of admission. You are strongly advised to submit a residence application (with the $50 application fee) as soon as possible to ensure a high probability of getting a housing offer. Spaces are limited and are offered-first-come-first-served. 

FIC Students: to complete your application you must first be admitted to FIC. We cannot process your application if you are not a newly admitted FIC student.