U-Pass BC Eligibility


Your U-Pass BC eligibility is determined the day after enrollment. If you meet the requirements to be eligible, then the U-Pass BC term fee is assessed to your student financial account within two business days after you enroll in course(s).

To use your U-Pass BC, you will need to visit TransLink's website or click on Purchase your Compass Card for details on how to purchase a Compass Card.

*Please note that during the Summer term, SFU also offers Intersession and Summer Session courses. Eligibility for the U-Pass BC program will vary depending on the type of session. If you are enrolled in all Summer term courses or a combination of Summer term, Intersession, and Summer Session courses and meet the requirements for the U-Pass BC program, then you will be eligible for the four months, May through August.


Eligible months

Term fee

2020 Fall

September - December


2021 Spring

January - April


2021 Summer*


   Summer session

May - August

   May - June

   June - August





If your eligibility status changes within the term from eligible to not eligible, you will receive a prorated refund for the current and any future months that you are no longer eligible for the U-Pass BC program as long as you have not requested the U-Pass BC for the current month.


All undergraduate and graduate students, who are part-time or full-time, are eligible for the U-Pass BC program when they meet one criteria from each of the following sections:

  • Enrolled in 3 or more units OR tuition fee is over $680
  • Enrolled in at least one course located on-campus (including courses being held remotely) or within Metro Vancouver
  • Assessed the undergraduate or graduate student activity fee


Students are not eligible for the U-Pass BC program if they meet one of the following criteria AND do not meet all of the eligible criteria listed above:

  • All enrolled courses identified as off-campus and outside Metro Vancouver
  • Mailing address including postal code in goSFU is outside Metro Vancouver AND enrolled in course offered only by distance education*
  • Enrolled in less than 3 units
  • Tuition fee charged is less than $680
  • Outgoing Foreign Exchange student
  • Outgoing Dual Degree Student
  • Withdrawn from all courses

*Important note: If you are living outside Metro Vancouver and enrolled in courses held outside Metro Vancouver or taking distance education courses, your mailing address must remain outside Metro Vancouver until the first day of the month following the current term to avoid being charged the full U-Pass BC term fee. For example, for the 2020 Fall term, you will need to maintain your outside Metro Vancouver mailing address until January 1, 2021.

Please note that maintaining your outside Metro Vancouver mailing address will not affect U-Pass BC eligibility for the following term for students enrolled in courses being held on-campus or within Metro Vancouver.


For information regarding U-Pass BC exemption, click here.