Terminology at SFU

You may find that terminology at SFU is different from what you are accustomed to. Hopefully this will help. Further definitions can be found in the University Glossary. If you're ever confused about a word or phrase please ask exchange@sfu.ca


You may know it as...

Academic Calendar   Handbook, Prospectus


Class, module, unit (e.g. Introduction to Psychology)   

Lecture The instructional portion of a class, usually two or more hours each week, given by a faculty member (e.g. professor, lecturer) who presents the subject to be learned in a class.


Subject area, course


A small class for discussing school work.



Tutorial The smaller portion of a class, given by a teaching assistant, that allows more discussion on class topics. Students choose a class and a tutorial at the same time when they enroll.


Credits, credit points (e.g. most courses are worth 3 units)