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What can you study at SFU?

There are several places you can find SFU course information depending on what you're looking for:

SFU Terminology

You may find that terminology at SFU is different from what you are accustomed to. Hopefully this will help.

View SFU Terminology >

} SFU Calendar

This is a good place to start. See which Faculties, Academic Programs, and Course Subjects are available.

} Course Outlines

Search subject to see courses available at various levels of study. Some detailed "course outlines" will be available. Not all classes will be offered in all terms.

} goSFU

Check that courses of interest will be offered in the term you are coming to SFU.

Visit -> Click on "Cousre Outlines" and search/browse.


Check CourSys > filter by "Semester, Subject, and Campus".

If you are planning 2-3+ months before the start of the term, check previous year for term offerings.

please note:

There are certain types of courses, offered in various disciplines, that are either restricted or require additional steps to access.

} View all restrictions and considerations

A commitment to academic integrity is a fundamental responsibility for all students who are part of the SFU community. 

} View academic integrity expectations at SFU

Course Enrolment

As part of your exchange/study abroad application to SFU, you must list at least 8 courses you would like to be enrolled in during your first term at SFU. This gives you back-up options in case it is determined that you do not meet the pre-requisites for a class (we will send each of your course requests to the appropriate academic department for evaluation), there are timetable conflicts, or a class is cancelled. 

If you will be taking undergraduate courses at SFU, you are eligible to take courses from within multiple departments as long as these courses are not restricted, and you meet the pre-requisite requirements. Please also check with your home university about their requirements. If you will be taking graduate courses at SFU, you will likely only be able to take courses from within one graduate department. While we will try to support course requests in additional departments for graduate students, please note that this is not guaranteed.

Our office will enroll you in classes for your first term of exchange/study abroad approximately 2 months prior to the start of your exchange term. Please DO NOT try to enroll yourself in courses for your first term. More information about this process will be provided over email once you are admitted to SFU for exchange/study abroad. Please note that we cannot guarantee access or enrollment to specific classes. Approval to access a course is not a guarantee that the course will be offered, nor that you will be enrolled in that course.

All students will be able to see their confirmed course schedule approximately 2 months prior to the start of your exchange term (assuming you had submitted your application and course requests to us on time). It is possible to change courses during the first week of the term, but it may be difficult as many courses and tutorials tend to be full.

Fall term applicants: please note you will likely need to pay your on-campus housing confirmation deposit before course enrollment starts.

Course Load

Undergraduate Level

Minimum enrollment for full-time status

9 units
(normally 3 classes)

Average enrollment at SFU

12 units
(normally 3-4 classes)

Maximum enrollment, or "full course load"

15 units
(normally 4-5 classes)

Recommended enrollment* for exchange and study abroad students   

9-12 units
(normally 3-4 classes)   

Graduate Level

Minimum enrollment for full-time status

6 units
(normally 1-2 classes)   

Recommended enrollment for exchange and study abroad students   

6 units
(normally 1-2 classes)   

*Your home institution may require you to take a greater number of classes and/or units (credits) than we recommend. You must ensure that you are meeting your home institution's requirements in addition to those of SFU while on your exchange/study abroad.