Financial Information

The following is a list of standard fees that you, as an Exchange/Study Abroad student, may be responsible for paying to SFU. Additional fees may apply, depending on your individual circumstances.

Mandatory Fees

Medical Insurance

Charged to all students coming from an institution outside of Canada. Canadian Students: Please ensure that you have adequate medical coverage through your home province.

Total: $281.00 cad/term

(as of September 1, 2017)

For information on how to pay your fees, please visit Payment Options.

U-Pass BC/Transit Pass

The U-Pass BC program is a transportation package which provides students in Metro Vancouver with universal and affordable access to public transit.

Total: $164.00 cad/term


Exchange and study abroad students are not normally eligible to apply for financial aid and awards through SFU. Please speak to your home institution's international office about financial aid and awards options.

Education and related costs: