What's Happening

Health & Counselling is an active part of the university community. In addition to services and supports, we host many events, workshops, groups, and courses for graduate and undergraduate students. We also work closely with student-led groups and participate in programming related to supporting student well-being.

What's Happening:

Group Counselling

Many concerns are best resolved with the support of a community or group. View options you can self-register for, or see what's being offered. Sometimes groups will be suggested after attending a counselling session. Learn more

Student Groups

Health Peers

See what's happening with the Health Peers, as they host events and giveaways, and share health information peer-to-peer on important topics that are affecting you. View now

Check out what's happening with Hi-FIVE as they host events, speaker series, and dialogues centred around destigmatizing mental health. View now

Creative Collective hosts art events and creates art resources like origami tutorials and colouring sheets. Whether you're a student, staff, or faculty, you can connect, relax, and unwind through crafts, motion, music, and more. Get creative


Meet, Greet, and Eat

Meet, Greet, and Eat is a space for students to hang out, meet new people, eat lunch together, and participate in fun and creative crafts. Drop-in

If you're a Grad student, check out Meet, Greet, and Eat - Graduate Student Edition. See more

Mindfulness Meditation


Connect with your body, relax your mind, and discover tools for bringing more calm and ease into your life. This is a weekly drop-in. More

Dog Therapy

Exams are tough. Therapy dogs can help. They will be here to share some love and encouragement as you get ready for exam season.

Flu Vaccines

Register now and secure your 2022/2023 flu shot now. Book now