Black Student Support Options

  • Book a drop-in session with Tricia Kay Williams of Metamorphose Counselling.
  • Black Student Support and Healing Space is a group for Black students to feel comfortable talking about Black experiences surrounding racism in a group setting - started January 2021.
  • Counselling services are available to all SFU students. Find out about options including remote online counselling, group counselling, and workshops.
  • Book an appointment with an Access Case Manager who can provide a same-day 30 minute appointment. They will provide mental health support and/or referral to appropriate services and resources, like an external Black counsellor.
  • Phone My SSP (Student Support Program) at 1.844.451.9700 or download the app. Specific counselling options are available, like asking to book an appointment with a Black counsellor.

We want to acknowledge the ongoing advocacy of ASA, SOCA and other campus groups to raise awareness of issues around anti-Black racism.