What to Look for When Viewing a Suite

When you are viewing places to rent, look for these important features:

  • sturdy locks on all doors and windows
  • working appliances (turn them on to ensure they work properly)
  • working faucets (turn them on and off and make sure water does not drip after they are turned off; also, look under the sinks to ensure the plumbing does not leak)
  • working shower (turn it on and off and make sure water does not drip after it is turned off)
  • working toilet (give it a flush and check for leaks)
  • level floor (not slanting or bulging)
  • freshly painted walls (if they are not painted make sure the landlord paints before you move in)
  • clean carpet (carpet must be cleaned before you move in)
  • smoking or non-smoking building (according to your preference)
  • pet policy (check if pets are allowed)
  • neighbours (what kind of people live nearby, does it seem safe)
  • noise level from traffic, etc. (open the windows).

Water damage (yellow stains on walls and ceiling), mouse droppings or cockroaches are very bad signs; do not rent anywhere you see these things.  If you rent a basement suite, ensure it is not too dark or damp.

Bedbugs are an increasing problem in Metro Vancouver rental suites.  Make sure to search the building's address in the Vancouver Bedbug Registry website before signing a rental agreement.