Community Based Projects - Submitting a Proposal

Submitting a Proposal 

To submit your proposal, please fill out the submission form for your desired course linked in the red box.

For your reference and records, below are the questions that we ask. Please save your answers in a word document to save for your own records.

(You will be unable to review your responses after submission. The page also automatically expires after 1 hour of inactivity)

  1. Organization's Name
  2. Description of Organization
  3. Mission/Mandate of Organization
  4. Name of Project Supervisor
  5. Primary Contact Email Address
  6. Primary Contact Phone Number
  7. Name of Project
  8. Brief Description of Project
  9. Skills Required to Complete the Project
  10. Expected Deliverables/Outcome
  11. How much support can your Project Supervisor and/or colleagues provide to students?
  12. Other Comments or Expectations