Using Campaigner

Campaigner is a full-featured email marketing tool for creating, scheduling and monitoring your email campaigns. It will help you build and implement a robust evaluation strategy for your email communication plan. 

Editing in design mode

The template can be edited in design mode with some care and attention. Follow our guide for the best results.

Note that in the design view there are a few format options in the toolbar that may be used, while others will break the look and feel. For example, applying header and paragraph styles from the toolbar will override the CSS formatting in the HTML and affect how the email looks. CSS is the code that formats the HTML, maintaining the look and feel. However, applying italics, bold and links from the toolbar will not override the CSS.



1. Click the end of the article paragraph text and insert a new horizontal rule. Your newsletter should now look like the image in Step 2

2. Copy the header and paragraph text.

3. Click below the second horizontal rule and paste your article. It should now appear above the second horizontal rule.

To remove an article, delete the article text and horizontal rule.


Whenever you press ENTER on your keyboard to start a new paragraph (for example in MS Word), you create a line break.

  • Line breaks for paragraphs: In design mode, to start a line break for paragraph text, use the new paragraph button:

Your paragraph will look like this:

If you press ENTER after paragraph text, the spacing will be wrong:

  • Line breaks for headers and bullet lists: Do not use the ENTER key after headers and bullet lists. We recommend editing line breaks for headers and bullets in HTML mode.


Using consistent heading styles creates visual appeal and helps readers browse your email. Just as in MS Word or other word processing software, you have a hierarchy of heading styles to choose from, each with their own tag. 

In design mode, all styles are provided in the template. Copy and paste to use them. 


In Campaigner, you can apply the following styles from the toolbar safely.

  • Italics
  • Bold
  • Links

Using banner images & footers

Banner image size requirements

  • 600 pixels wide – important
  • 250 pixels high – recommended 
  • 72 DPI – minimum

Replacing the banner image

  1. Click on the header image to highlight it

  2. Click “Replace Image”

  3. Choose an image from Media Library and upload your new image 


The footer section contains the SFU logo, social icons and unsubscribe text.

Deleting a social icon

  1. Click on the icon to highlight it
  2. Select the table button 
  3. Select the delete cell button

Changing a social icon link

  1. Click on the icon to highlight it
  2. Click the insert link button
  3. Insert your custom social link


It is advised to do the changes below in HTML mode.

  • Updating a button in HTML mode: The button is nestled between the <!-- Button --> comment tags
  • Adding or removing a button in HTML mode: Select the button’s comment tags and everything in between and paste into the desired article, after a closed paragraph </p> tag