Research Assistants & Postdoctoral Fellows


To contact the Research Assistants below, please connect with EVSC staff or the RA's Principal Investigator.

Dr. Jeremy Venditti Dr. Chelsea Little
Chloe Ross Hannah Marton
Dan Murphy Jenna Lilburn
Edward Anderson Michelle Roach
Kyle Kusack Pierre Banville
Morgan Wright  
Sayumi Standen  
Dr. Ruth Joy Dr. Brendan Murphy
Erin Fairley Yanik Nill
Fabio Soares Frazao  
Kaitlin Palmer  
Lauren Laturnus  
Lindsay Lalach  
Mikayla Young  
Rachel Fairfield-Checko  
Samantha Broadley  



Research Area: The application of machine learning models to address critical environmental challenges such as biodiversity conservation and environmental monitoring.

DISC 2 108

Research Area: Rock strength and sediment controls on bedrock river incision; sediment transport across river networks; landslide hazard and the role hillslope-channel coupling on river evolution.

Naomi Pleizier
DISC 2 108

Research Area: Naomi is interested in the mechanisms by which environmental factors, such as flow and temperature, impact fish health and survival.

Peter Thompson

Research Area: Peter is interested in identifying the environmental and anthropogenic drivers of movement and space use for southern resident killer whales in the Salish Sea.

Sam Anderson

Research Area: Applied data science and machine learning in hydrology; the changing roles of heatwaves and glaciers for downstream water resources.

Tingan Li
DISC 2 108

Research Area: Erosion process in bedrock rivers; controls on bedrock channel morphology; boundary roughness and shear stress in bedrock canyons; landscape evolution.

Tzu-Yin Chen

Research Area: Experimental, computational, and field morphology/morphodynamics; debris flows, channels, and fans; granular flows; dam breach hydraulics and flood routing; hazards mitigation; stochastic modeling; infrastructure design policy making