FACULTY & Instructors


Shawn Chartrand

Assistant Professor
TASC 2 8544

Research Area: How rivers form and co-evolve with landscapes with particular interest in mountain rivers and cold regions of the Arctic.

Tara Holland

TASC 2 8904

Research Area: Climate change impacts and adaptation in natural resource sectors, human impacts on coastal environments, and forest fragmentation patterns.

Ruth Joy

Practitioner Faculty & Graduate Program Chair
TASC 2 8901

Research Area: Developing models that assess the relative impact of anthropogenic stressors on both marine and terrestrial species at risk.

Jeremy Venditti 

TASC 2 8548

Research Area: Fluvial Geomorphology and Sedimentology, River Dynamics, Physics of Sediment Transport

Chelsea Little

Assistant Professor
TASC 2 8546

Research Area: Ecosystem functioning, community ecology and meta-ecosystem ecology.

Brendan Murphy

Assistant Professor
TASC 2 8542

Research Area: Geomorphology, watershed-scale sediment dynamics, post-wildfire environments, water security, climatic controls on landscape evolution, and resource management.

Margaret Schmidt

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Chair & Associate Professor
RCB 7133

Research Area: Soil science, digital soil mapping, predictive soil mapping and modelling, impact of forest management practices on soil properties and nutrient cycling, soil rehabilitation.

Karen Kohfeld

TASC 2 8903

Research Area: Climate change, earth system science, carbon cycling, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, paleoecology, ocean acidification, and regional impacts of climate change.

Adjunct Professors & Instructors

Arvind Saraswat

Visiting Professor

Research Area: Modeling small-area variations in concentrations of urban air pollutants, development of novel methods for estimating population exposure and air quality impact assessment for major industrial sources.

Anna Hippmann


Research Area: Trace metal physiology in phyktoplankton. Plastic pollution in the ocean.

Craig Orr

Adjunct Professor

Ray Kostaschuk

Adjunct Professor

Ryan Bradley

Adjunct Professor