SFU Co-op and the Asia Pacific Foundation are re-launching the India Connect program, providing students the opportunity to gain work experience and cultivate a global mindset while working in India - one of the world’s largest, youngest, and most dynamic societies! Qualified SFU co-op students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents will be eligible for up to $8,000 in funding and experience in one of Asia's fastest-growing markets.

To apply for Fall 2024 positions via India Connect, refer to postings in myExperience. For more information, you can watch a recording of the info session here (use passcode 1Vvdq% for access).


For more information on how you can gain experience working abroad with Co-op, connect with our International Co-op Coordinator, Michael Ford.

Email: icoop@sfu.ca

Phone: 778-782-2189
More contact information here

Weekly Zoom Drop-ins

Wednesdays from 1:00pm to 2:00pm


Working Abroad Appointment Booking

Whether you are curious about co-op abroad, are searching for an international placement in your seeking term, or are currently working abroad in your co-op work term, feel free to book a 15-minute virtual appointment with the SFU International Co-op Coordinator.

To book your virtual appointment, go to myExperience and schedule an appointment with Michael Ford and select Working Abroad as your appointment type.

International Co-op

What is International Co-op?

International Co-op provides students with a unique opportunity to travel the world, while gaining experience in the workplace. Having this experience as an undergraduate is impressive to employers and makes your resume more competitive after graduation.

During an International Co-op placement you will have the chance to learn a foreign language, develop your skills, and travel the world. More importantly, International Co-op serves as professional and personal growth experience by forcing you to adapt to a new cultural environment. Students have been participating in International Co-op since 1993.

Who can participate?

To be eligible for an International Co-op work term, you must be a student registered in an undergraduate or graduate program at SFU, and be accepted into your Co-op Program (i.e. Business, Communication, Science).

International/Visa students already registered in an undergraduate or graduate program at SFU are also eligible to participate. If you are an international/visa student at SFU and would like to participate in a local (Canadian) work term, please contact your Co-op Program Coordinator or the International Co-op Coordinator at icoop@sfu.ca.

Student Experiences

Hear reflections about working abroad and see unique footage captured by students. Everyone has a story to tell.