Travel Smart

Get travel advice from gurus and new travellers, maximize your budget effectively, and even connect with other global minds in your host country. Travel confidently when you're outside your comfort zone.

Good Reads

Lonely Planet Blogs

The popular publisher of travel guide books, Lonely Planet, offers inspiring blogs for daily doses of international inspiration.


Check out quirky tips, ideas for unique travel experiences, daily photo postings, hotel reviews, and international travel news.

Spotted by Locals

Tips on how to experience European capital cities like a local.

Ultimate Packing List

Get some great tips on how to pack light and right.

Financial Advice

Cost of Living

A great source for comparing cost of living in any two cities.

The Frugal Traveler

A blog about travelling for cheap. Student travelers, check it out!
Tax Advice

Taxback provide tax assistance and advice to students, helping you determine if you are eligible to receive a tax refund. This link leads to an external organization, which is not affiliated with the SFU International Co-op Office.

Get Connected


Join the network of global minds to meet and exchange tips with other expats – online or in your host country!

Housing Resources


Connected with live-in hosts who open their homes to travellers.

A free service which helps students find housing. Applicable in 400 cities worldwide.