International Co-op

Different Ways to Find an International Co-op Placement

Once you have been accepted into your faculty co-op program, you can start internationalizing your resume and cover letter, and begin to apply for International Co-op postings!  

There are three ways that you can obtain an international co-op position: apply to postings on Symplicity, conduct a Self-Directed Work Search, or work with an Established International Co-op Partner (see below). In addition, we've provided some Tips on Internationalizing Your Resume (see below). These will help you find a job suited to your academic, career, and personal interests. For more Job Finding Resources, click here

Before you begin your job search, it is advised that you update your passport. It is imperative that you have a passport well before your placement, as you cannot apply for a visa without a valid passport. Getting an updated passport may take several weeks and depending on your situation this may cause problems. 


Once you have your resume and cover letter perfected, you can start to apply for jobs on Symplicity. Symplicity is an online posting board for all co-op programs at SFU. All of the jobs posted on Symplicity are available for you to apply for, provided your skills and interests comply with the requirements of the job. 

Please note: Jobs are only viewable to students who are in the co-op program and have indicated to their coordinator that they are interested in seeking a job for the upcoming semester. 

Self-Directed Work Search

If you have very specific job and country interests, then a self-directed work term is likely for you.  With the right patience and attitude, countless placements in countless locations are possible. To create a self-directed work term, you go out and find your own employer and introduce Cooperative Learning to them. If the company meets the necessary requirements, SFU International Co-op will help you arrange the opportunity for a co-op position. Resources available for self-directed work searches include stories from past students on the Online Learning Community, as well as links to companies that offer internships worldwide.

Established Programs Offering International Work Terms