REM student leaves her mark by advocating for change at home and abroad

June 26, 2021

After high school, Teghan Acres made a beeline to SFU, ready for a busy four years of international internships, bettering campus sustainability practices, amplifying climate solutions, and more.

With aspirations of becoming a UN diplomat, Teghan entered SFU as an international studies major. After her first year, she travelled to Kampala, Uganda for a summer internship spent educating children on menstruation and sexual education, and gaining valuable insight on how she could apply her skills to global issues she was passionate about.

In her second year, Teghan enrolled in a Resource and Environmental Management (REM) breadth course and rekindled her love for the environment. Following this passion, she switched her major to REM and loaded her calendar with classes in sustainable development.

In the REM program, Teghan learned more about the threat climate change poses and became motivated to inspire climate solutions.

She didn’t wait until graduation to activate change and acquire relevant experience. When Teghan wasn’t studying, she found other ways to get involved at SFU and beyond. She held internships, co-hosted the first season of Embark Sustainability’s podcast, was involved in Young Women in Business, and played a big role in Ban the Bottle SFU—an initiative trying to eliminate the use of single-use plastic bottles on campus. In her third year, Teghan’s studies took her overseas again where she completed a semester abroad at the University College London.

In Teghan’s fourth year, she leaned into her love of writing and passion for the environment by creating the Climate Hope Project; a blog to inspire climate action amongst young people.

“I think that students are some of the most powerful members of a community in creating change and making a difference. Every day of our lives is ‘the real world ‘and should be embraced and recognized as such.”

Graduating this June, Teghan is already putting both her interests and skills to good use, working as a Communications Coordinator for the National Zero Waste Council and a freelance writer and communications specialist for environmental publications and clients.

“Build your career around the life you want and not the other way around. It can be hard to remember in our current society but we are meant to work to live, not live to work,” says Teghan.

To those still working towards their undergrad, Teghan encourages them to take the time to explore their passions. “University is a place to explore any interest under the sun, not just what your friends are doing. You will find people just as nerdy as you are, in the best way possible.”

Congratulations, Teghan!


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