Client Portfolio Directory

HR Strategic Business Partners and Specialists work closely with clients to provide a broad range of guidance and support including workforce planning, organizational design, employee engagement, recruitment, retention and advice and coaching to leaders. Learn more about the Strategic Business Partner Services Team.

HR Associates handle all system processing including new hire forms, and responds to inquiries related to employee benefits, vacation entitlement, leaves (personal, maternity and parental) and new employee onboarding.

Department / Faculty Strategic Business Partner Specialist
President's Office Heidi Vukic Alex McArthur
University Secretariat Heidi Vukic Alex McArthur
VP External Relations Office Kim Griffiths Ileana Vazquez
SFU Surrey & SFU Vancouver Kim Griffiths Ileana Vazquez
VP Advancement & Alumni Engagement Office Erica Gooyers Wilfrid Lok
VP Research & International Office Heidi Vukic Andrea Penev
SFU Library Heidi Vukic Andrea Penev
Sustainability Office Heidi Vukic Andrea Penev
VP Finance & Administration Office Michelle Allison Ileana Vazquez
Finance Michelle Allison Ileana Vazquez
Facilities Services Sammi Chong Andrea Penev
Safety & Risk Services Michelle Allison Wilfrid Lok
Ancillary Services Michelle Allison Alex McArthur
IT Services Kim Griffiths Wilfrid Lok
VP People, Equity & Inclusion Office Michelle Allison Andrea Penev
VP Academic Office Erica Gooyers Wilfrid Lok
Associate Vice-President, Academic Office Erica Gooyers Wilfrid Lok
Associate Vice-President, Teaching & Learning Diana Hynes Ileana Vazquez
Faculty Relations Erica Gooyers Andrea Penev
Student Services Diana Hynes Alex McArthur
Faculty of Applied Sciences Erica Gooyers Wilfrid Lok
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Lisa Choy Wilfrid Lok
Beedie School of Business Heidi Vukic Ileana Vazquez
Faculty of Communication, Art & Technology Lisa Choy Ileana Vazquez
Faculty of Education Erica Gooyers Wilfrid Lok
Faculty of Environment Heidi Vukic Andrea Penev
Faculty of Health Sciences Erica Gooyers Alex McArthur
Faculty of Science Michelle Allison Wilfrid Lok
Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Fellows Heidi Vukic Ileana Vazquez
Lifelong Learning Kim Griffiths Sammi Chong