Employee Recognition Ideas and Resources

Leaders should intentionally create space for spontaneous gestures of appreciation (saying "Thank you") as well as planned recognition (i.e.  completing a large project & work milestones).  It is important that recognition is timely.  Some of the benefits of recognition are: positively influencing performance, open channels of communication, improving staff retention, enhancing self-worth and confidence, building mutual respect and trust, and reinforcing SFU's values and commitments.

Coworkers are encouraged to offer each other recognition as well. Praise is not something only managers give to employees.

Recognition Ideas

Some powerful recognition ideas may include:

  • Simply saying "thank you" or "great job"
  • Writing a personal note of thanks
  • Having a senior executive send a note of thanks
  • Providing variable and/or challenging work assignments for employees interested in cross training or acquiring new skills
  • Providing work related training and skills upgrading opportunities
  • Providing temporary promotion opportunities
  • Hosting a group lunch (this can be done virtually too)
  • Taking the employee out for lunch (this can be done virtually too)
  • Providing an interest related gift
  • SFU logo gift/bookstore gift certificate
  • Inspirational poster
  • Nominate for Industry/Association awards
  • Nominate an employee(s) for a Staff Achievement Award

Recognition Resources

LinkedIn Learning:
Quick video clips - "How To" & Ideas
LinkedIn Learning

SFU Bookstore:
Bookstore Homepage

Campus Coffee Shops:
Go for coffee or Purchase gift cards
Google Maps List

Group Greeting:
Send free e-cards (have them signed by the team too!)


A wealth of motivational gifts and awards