Total Rewards

SFU Total Rewards programs will enable the attraction & retention of the best diverse and inclusive talent.

  • Excellence and Accountability
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Engagement

Total Compensation Learning Series:

Intro Video: Total Rewards 101 (approximate completion time = 7mins)

This module is a 7-minute video describing SFU’s Total Rewards program.

From Old to New: Transposing Job Descriptions to the current SFU JD Template (approximate completion time = 10 – 40 mins)

This Canvas module is designed to walk leaders and employees through the process of updating their Job Descriptions by using the new template found on the website.

Job Descriptions 101 – APSA, Excluded & POLY (approximate completion time = 1.5 hours)

This module in Canvas incorporates gives detailed instructions on how to complete each section of the current SFU Job Description template.

Job Description Content, Hay overview & Tools: Deep Dive (approximate completion time = 1.5 hours)

In this Canvas module you will learn how to generate content for Job Descriptions, what questions evaluators ask when reviewing a JD and learn about other SFU tools and resources we have to aid in writing fulsome Job descriptions.

Korn Ferry Hay Job Evaluation Basics (approximate completion time = 1 hour)

Korn Ferry has put together a series of videos to explain the fundamentals of job evaluation, job evaluation & gender equity, and provide detailed information about each “Factor”.