Once completed, please submit the form to the next level of approval (i.e. your senior supervisor or academic unit). More forms for SFU staff and faculty can be found on the Faculty + Staff pages.

Please Note: Only handwritten and official digital signatures will be accepted. Type written fonts made to look like handwriting are not legally binding and will not be accepted. Information on how to create a signature and sign documents in Adobe can be found here.

Registering in a course as an audit or in a course outside your program. Or if the deadline for adding or dropping a course has passed.

To take a course integral to your graduate program at a university that is part of the Western Dean's Agreement.

To take a course integral to your graduate program at a Canadian university outside the Western Dean's Agreement.

Application to withdraw from a course due to extenuating circumstances.

Request for a leave of absence from your program for up to three terms. International students should consult International services for students prior to requesting a leave.

Requests for extensions must be supported by your program. Master's student time limit is 9 terms, Doctoral student's time limit is 18.

If you forgot to enroll or go on leave for the current term.

Request to transfer of credits into your current program.

Request to transfer between graduate programs at SFU.

To withdraw voluntarily from the University.

(This form should also be used by students who have accepted an offer of admission, but subsequently choose to withdraw prior to commencement of studies). 

If you received Unsatisfactory in your progress evaluation you may appeal in certain circumstances.

Approval of the creation of a supervisory committee

Request to change members on your supervisory committee

Request to postpone your thesis or project publication in the University repository.

Subsequent request to extend a postponement of thesis publication

External: To change your legal name on record

External: To order a replacement parchment once one has already been awarded.

External: To authorize release of your information or documents to another person/business.

Self Service Requests

External: Instructions for how to generate an official letter outlining your registration for one or more terms.

Ensure you read the FAQ on the linked page for answers to many common Confirmation of Enrollment questions

Important note

External: Instructions for how to generate an official letter confirming the successful completion of all academic requirements for your program.

External: To have the balance in your student account refunded to your bank.

Order a Transcript

External: Instructions for how to order a complete official record of your academic history at Simon Fraser University up to the day the transcript is produced.

Official/Unofficial Transcripts

  • Official transcripts are printed on official paper by Graduate Studies, sealed and sent to you or to the recipient you specify. A standard official transcript costs $15 (if you're ordering a paper transcript, PST will be added to the cost); additional rush or shipping charges may apply depending on the options you select.
  • Unofficial transcripts can be generated by you at any time via your student account, and do not have an associated cost. See below on how to generate your Unofficial Transcript

Ordering Official Trancript(s)

Most information regarding ordering official transcripts can be found on the Student Services website.

Please note the following important transcript order information

  • Prior to ordering your Official Transcript, run an Unofficial Transcript to ensure that it appears as expected.
    • For example, if you are ordering your transcript at the completion of your credential, run an unofficial copy to ensure that completion has been officially added to your transcript.
  • If you require a document to be included with your transcript (such as a government form), please indicate this on your order. Attachments must be submitted at the time of request and should be sent to
  • All transcript orders are non-refundable.
  • Unclaimed transcripts ordered for pickup will be destroyed 4 months after they are issued. (Note: pickup option currently not available due to Covid-19).
  • Non-receipt of a transcript due to an incomplete or incorrect address will require a new order and payment.
  • Simon Fraser University is not responsible for the loss or delay of transcripts in the mail.

Official transcript orders will not be processed:

  • For a student or alumnus with outstanding indebtedness to the University. Please contact Student Accounts or email about paying late overdue fees.
  • Until payment is received in full.