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Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)
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Simon Fraser University
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Phone: 778.782.3112
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Visit our Accessibility Information Page to find detailed information about our office and its accessibility considerations.

Physical Access

How physically accessible is Simon Fraser University?

SFU is committed to providing access to services and reasonable accommodations to all who visit, work and study on campus. We want members of our community and their guests to feel at home and take advantage of the services we offer on all our campuses.

Most buildings are accessible by wheelchair ramps, have disabled parking and are equipped with compliant restrooms. Many campus buildings are also equipped with power-assisted doors. Residence and Housing provides various, but limited, housing options for students who require wheelchair-access or other barrier-free living arrangements. Click here for more information.

Campus computer labs and libraries are also equipped with software that will accommodate different learning needs. Click here for complete details.

SFU Physical Access Guide for Persons with Mobility Difficulties
*Please note that due to many recent construction projects, the SFU Physical Access Guide is currently being updated.*

The Physical Access Guide was created to enhance campus access and to make navigation easier for individuals with mobility difficulties. This resource helps provide a greater awareness regarding accessibility to campus facilities in all buildings, floors and areas on Simon Fraser campuses.


How will I know if my classes have been scheduled in physically accessible classrooms?

It is not possible to determine in advance whether a room is “accessible” for all persons, as the degree and nature of  physical impairment varies significantly from one person to another. Should you have concerns about the physical accessibility of a classroom we encourage you to contact the CAL and ask that the rooms for your coming term be investigated for accessibility.  At that time you can inform the CAL of your unique needs and a CAL member will investigate the rooms with this in mind.  Please note that it is the University’s commitment to, where possible, make all programs and courses accessible to people with disabilities. If a particular program or course is scheduled for a venue that is not fully accessible, it is SFU’s policy to relocate such events to accessible facilities that meet the needs of the individual student.

What if the elevator to my class breaks down?

You will need to contact SFU Security to explain that you cannot get to your class due to a malfunction in the elevator and that you need immediate assistance. Contact the CAL if you want us to intervene with your instructor to explain the situation or if you need other assistance.

SFU Burnaby Security: (604) 291-4500
SFU Harbour Centre Security: (604) 291-5252
SFU Surrey Security: (604) 240-1653

How do I arrange for physical accommodations for myself or a family member/guest during commencement or convocation?

The CAL will assist in arranging for accommodations required by students registered with the Centre. If a guest, such as a family member, has special needs, such as for seating or interpreter, you should contact the Director of Ceremonies & Events, 778-782-4643 (phone), 778-782-6599 (fax) to arrange for services.