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Acknowledgements Acknowledgements

Small Number is a fictional character created by Veselin Jungic and Mark MacLean, and first appeared in the story “Small Number Counts to 100” in 2010.

The initial image of Small Number was created by Mr. Simon Roy under Veselin Jungic's directions.

The image on the Math Catcher Program logo was created by Ms. Bethani L'Heuruex of the Cree First Nation. The image was inspired by an edge-colouring of the complete graph on 14 vertices by 23 colours that avoids both monochromatic and rainbow complete subgraphs on four vertices. The colouring was constructed by Veselin Jungic, Tomas Kaiser, and Daniel Král in A note on edge-colourings avoiding rainbow \(K_4\) and monochromatic \(K_m\), The Electronic Journal Of Combinatorics 16 (2009), #N19.

Since 2010 the Math Catcher Outreach Program has been supported by the following institutions and individuals:

  • NSERC's PromoScience Program

  • Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences

  • Faculty of Science, Simon Fraser University

  • Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University

  • Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia

  • The IRMACS Centre, Simon Fraser University

  • The Office for Aboriginal Peoples, Simon Fraser University

  • Generous support by many volunteers and donors.

I would like to thank the following people for their invaluable help and advice with developing the Small Number stories: Melania Alvarez, Dexter Anakson, Tom Archibald, Pam Borghardt, Barry Cardinal, Sheena Falkoner, Donna Gerdts, Gary George, Ozren Jungic, Sadika Jungic, William Lindsay, John Maxwell, Kyra Pukanich, Rina Sinclair, Sasha Tiede, Audrey Venner, and Betty Wilson.

I would like to thank Ms. Jana Caine for her work on the PreTeXt version of the collection of Small Number's stories. Without her patience, knowledge, and talent this resource would not have become a reality.

Veselin Jungic