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Chapter 1 Small Number Counts to 100

The first story, Small Number Counts to 100 was inspired by narration from Ms. Rina Sinclair of the Siksika Nation. The story can be shown to elementary school students as a counting practice/puzzle or as a pattern recognition problem. For high school students it can be a way to introduce arithmetic progressions, modular addition, or an idea of number systems with a base different than 10.

  • This story was written by Veselin Jungic (SFU) and Mark MacLean (UBC)

  • The illustrations were created by Simon Roy from Victoria, B.C.

  • The Blackfoot translation was completed by Connie Crop, Eared Wolf, and Eldon Yellowhorn

  • The Cree translation was completed by Barry Cardinal

  • The French translation was completed by Audrey Venner

  • The Spanish translation was completed by Laura López and Christian Rosete