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Chapter 9 Small Number and the Old Arrowhead

It is summer time and Small Number and his friend Big Circle spend every day playing and exploring the surroundings of their village. A few days ago, they tripped over an old canoe buried in the sand; yesterday they found the biggest cedar tree that they had ever seen; and today they discovered a beach with an ancient totem pole in the middle of it. “I wonder how many more discoveries we will make this summer!” said Small Number to Big Circle while the boys rode their bikes towards the village.

  • This story was written by Veselin Jungic (SFU) and Mark MacLean (UBC)

  • The illustrations were created by Simon Roy

  • The French translation was completed by Audrey Venner

  • The Spanish translation was completed by Laura López and Christian Rosete

  • The Tla'amin translation was completed by Marion Harry and Betty Wilson of the Tla’amin Nation and Marianne Huijsmans, UBC