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Chapter 14 Small Number and the Three Berries

Small Number is a young boy who gets into a lot of mischief. One cool winter day, Small Number visited his Grandma. For Small Number, his Grandma is the best cook in the world. Grandma knows that bannock is Small Number's favourite treat, so she decides to make bannock for lunch.

  • This story was written by Veselin Jungic (SFU), Bethani L'Heureux, and Betty Willson

  • The illustrations were created by Bethani L'Heureux

  • The French translation was completed by: Cedric Chauve, Vancouver, B.C.

  • The Gitxsan translation was completed by: Jeanne Harris, Barbara Harris Sennott, and Catherine Blackstock

  • The Spanish translation was completed by: Christian Rossette Contreras