Safety Training

Mandatory for all staff, TAs, sessionals, faculty and research personnel

The following training modules are required for everyone to complete before you begin your work:

SFU Safety Orientation* - complete every 3 years
*If you have already completed SFU-EHS Safety Essentials Training, this course can be skipped as SFU Safety Orientation is included in SFU-EHS Safety Essentials Training.

Respectful Working and Learning Environments - complete once

If the above links to the Canvas training modules do not work, please try to access the training modules directly through the SRS website.

Please note that hard-copy certificates of completion are not issued for the above training modules - you will receive confirmation of completion via Canvas.


In addition to the training above, TAs and Sessionals are required to complete Part 2 of the Safety Orientation in Canvas:

Science Safety Orientation Checklist - complete once

See attached an excel list of course-specific training requirements for laboratory TAs:

Training Requirements - Science Lab Courses

*Required training time should be included on TUG forms.

Laboratory Workers/Supervisors

EHS Safety Essentials - complete every 3 years

  • everyone working in a lab

EHS Laboratory Safety (including WHMIS 2015) - complete every 3 years

  • everyone working in a lab that has chemicals

EHS Biosafety - complete every 3 years

  • everyone working in a lab with biohazardous materials

Go to the SRS Training page for specialized courses for working with Lasers, Radiation, etc.