Teija - Book Buddies Lead

A Message from a Former Student and Book Buddies Lead

July 11, 2023 | By: Teija | Edited by: Tiffany Chen

Hello! My name is Teija, and I graduated from SFU in 2022 with a Bachelor of General Studies in Education, where I did a double minor in Psychology and Counselling and Human Development. I recently accepted an offer to SFU’s PDP (Professional Development Program) and aim to continue working in the Education field in the future! This has always been a dream of mine, and over the years, I have coached gymnastics and volunteered in an elementary school library.

I began my journey with the SFU Surrey - TD CEC as a Program Volunteer with Racing Readers to help grow my experience in Education. Being involved in this program helped increase my love for working with children and opened my eyes to new ways of learning. The Program and Volunteer Supervisor and Lead Volunteer were also so supportive and inspired me to go for my current role! I love reading and helping children learn, so Book Buddies was a great path for me!

The Book Buddies program and its partnership with the Surrey School District Community School's Partnership Department and the READ Surrey White Rock Society has supported my future career in Education by providing the tools to find new creative resources for lesson planning. There are many ways to practice reading, and I love helping students, their families, and their Literacy Mentors (volunteers) find what works for them! I have seen tremendous growth from September to now, and it is such a special feeling to see the excitement on a child's face whenever they reach a milestone. Who knew phonics could be so fun?

In my time here, I have also gotten to know a diverse group of people, and it is so exciting to see everyone each week! These people and experiences have grown my confidence, leadership skills, and fulfillment in working with children. Beyond the relationships, I have learned many things from them, which makes me feel more prepared for my future career. 

I am beyond grateful for everything that has come from volunteering and working with the SFU Surrey - TD CEC, and I recommend anyone to do it! It is important to get involved with the community to give back in hopes of giving future generations the same experiences we had and, hopefully, even more! I remember growing up and joining many community programs, and the experiences were possible due to the generous people who ran them.

I highly recommend getting involved! The SFU Surrey - TD CEC has diverse opportunities that can fit your schedule and are great for all types of development. The relationships built here have also been unforgettable, and I cannot wait to see the children I have worked with grow! They are the true teachers!

To join get involved with the SFU Surrey - TD CEC: https://www.sfu.ca/cec/get-involved.html