Program and Volunteer Supervisors

Save Your Work 

Remember to upload any lesson plans, worksheets and documents that you use in your sessions to your program's MS Teams folder each week, so that they can be easily accessed by future Leads!


Want some inspiration for your lesson plans? 

Click here to check out the amazing games, activities and ideas used by previous Program Supervisors and Leads! 

Need materials printed for your session? 

Please upload them to your program's MS Teams folder and email us a link or instructions for accessing that folder. You do not need to attach the documents in the email. Please give us sufficient time to print these for you. You can pick your printed materials up from our Community Engagement office at the Surrey Campus. 

Weekly Reports 

Due within 2 days after each session that you facilitate.

Fill out your post-session feedback form below. You will recieve a copy of your responses in your email, once you have submitted this form.  

Tip: Please use commas and/or periods to separate your responses, not the ENTER key on your keyboard. 

Supervisor Feedback 

Due 1 week after the last day of your program (feel free to ask the Lead Volunteer if they would like to help you with this)

While the program is still fresh in your memory, please take a few minutes to share some comments about your experience with the volunteers you have worked with, as your insights are very valuable to us: 

Email your completed Final Report to us at

If you need any additional clarification or extra time to work on this report, please let Saba know by emailing


Past reports that you can download for reference: 

Final Report

Due 1 week after the last day of your program

Click on each heading to reveal additional tips and insights for the report you will need to write after your program has ended. Note that this is just a sample report outline and you do not need to keep the headings in this exact order. 


  • Include name of the program, your full name, a short Abstract summarizing the report, dates of the program (a range) and mention of the SFU Surrey TD Community Engagement Center


  • Optional but recommended


  • An overview of the program.  
  • Describe the program, when and where it occurs, why it exists, who it targets, what the goals and intentions are, how the sessions are generally structured, who else is involved (community partners, volunteers etc.) and such.

  • **NOTE** If an Introduction has already been written about your program from a previous report, feel free to revise what is already there and add anything else that you think is relevant to your iteration of the program. You do not need to re-write the entire Introduction. 


  • Consider all the people involved, and how this program has benefited them. This may include your volunteers, a community organization that this program was partnered with, your student participants, if relevant their parents, and of course, yourself!
  • Spend more time and effort on this section. 


  • Go over the aspects of your program that you consider the strengths, explain what was done and why it was a strength 
  • Bullet point structure is preferred for this section. 
  • Spend more time and effort on this section. 
  • Tip: Take a look at your weekly reports as well as the feedback surveys your volunteers filled out, for ideas to include in this section!


  • Go over the aspects of your program that were challenging, or did not go as planned. Describe what happened and definitely include anything that you did to deal with it. 
  • Also make note of any relevant recommendations or solutions that you can think of now.
  • Bullet point structure is preferred for this section. 
  • Spend more time and effort on this section. 
  • Tip: Take a look at your weekly reports as well as the feedback surveys your volunteers filled out, for ideas to include in this section!


  • What do you wish this program had? These can be referring to specific materials, supplies, location, space, time…

OTHER (optional)

  • If there was something unique about your program, feel free to cover it in this section. For instance, if your program is a Pilot, or will be offered in-person rather than virtual next term, feel free to make suggestions about how it could look as an in-person program).


  • Simply paste the name and reflection of your Lead Volunteer in this section. We will email this to you before your report deadline. 


  • Your insights about yourself and the program.
  • Typically, this reflection is 1 or more pages long, and includes how this program impacted you and your personal growth. 

  • Here are some questions that can guide you:

  • What was your initial expectation of the role? Was it different from your expectations? If so, how? 

  • What were the personal/professional development goals that you had in mind - which skills did you want to work on developing? Have you been able to work towards developing those skills? If so, how?

  • How do you see yourself applying the skills you learned in the future? What future opportunities are you hoping to seek out?


  • Who was involved in this program (categorize individuals by their organizations)  
  • Include the name of the organization, and below it, name the individuals and their job titles. Keep this section short and simple, and feel free to ask the Program Manager for help if you are not sure about names and titles for this section.   


  • Paste the lesson plans that you made throughout the program, in this section. You do not need to add any notes about strengths and weaknesses here.


Please include the following numbers in this section:
  1. How many participants did your program have? (Consider the number of participants you most often had for your sessions)

  2. How many volunteers were involved in your program?

  3. How many volunteer hours were contributed to your program? (You can multiply the average number of hours volunteers are submitting to you on their timesheets by the number of volunteers)


  • Worksheets you created for the program
  • Games and activities that you made or found online
  • Important links
  • Any other resources 

It is preferred if you can add the above-noted resources HERE rather than to your report.

Reference Letters

To help you in writing reference letters for your volunteers, we've created the following resources: