Volunteer Opportunities at the Muslim Food Bank

This blog post was written in collaboration with DiverseCity Community Resource Society’s Volunteer Fair for Newcomers. Volunteering is a great way for new immigrants to gain experience, meet new people, learn about workplace culture norms, improve communication skills and give back to the community.

April 04, 2022 | Written by: Winthi Xueshan Mei Lu

The Muslim Food Bank and Community Services Society is a non-profit organization that provides food assistance, emotional support, case management, personal development and promotes self-sufficiency thanks to donations that come from individuals, organizations, small businesses, and different fundraising events. The food bank offers many volunteer opportunities that are focused in different areas, i.e., consultation, food bank, case management and many more. If volunteering with a food bank interests you, Muslim Food Bank is a good organization to keep an eye on. One can gain experience or continue to build their skills while helping others and meeting other wonderful people like you!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Muslim Food Bank and live in Downtown Eastside Vancouver or Surrey (Whalley), continue to read to find out more information on how you can partake at the Muslim Food Bank.

To give a good idea of what roles the food bank offers here are some descriptions;

1. Food Hamper Preparation and Distribution - in this role you will put together and prepare food hampers which consist of store bought products, since the organization wants to cover different clients’ specifications such as their diet, allergens and any specific needs clients may have. Under this role you can also volunteer to be a driver who will deliver the food hampers to different locations.

2. Spire Case Management volunteers are in charge of connecting members of vulnerable communities with Spire Case workers. If you are an individuals who can recognize the challenges faced in the different communities on a daily basis, then this role may be for you! There is no worry for a specific level of expertise in this area or a similar role because an extensive training will be provided. (Roughly 13 hours is provided by the organization for you to become a certified Spire Case worker.) This training is facilitated by counselors, social workers and trainers with the goal of getting the volunteers to have a better and more understanding connection with the clients.

3. Mental Health Support - in this role you will support those who are going through any difficult times. Individuals include children, adults and seniors and you are to provide them with counseling and physiotherapy. Under this role you can decide whether you want to connect the clients with professionals within the organization or you can volunteer as an interpreter. Interpreters are needed to help the professional team interpret from one language to another. 

The Muslim Food Bank and Community Services Society has many volunteer roles that you may be interested in applying such as the Face Senior Program, Employment Support Program, Reaching Home Program. You can visit Muslim Food Bank for more information or get in contact with the organization for any inquiries and for information about the volunteer roles.