Support for teaching assessment

Resources for multi-dimensional teaching assessment

Simon Fraser University is developing a more holistic approach to teaching assessment that uses multiple forms of evidence collected over multiple time points. The following documents support this approach.

Presentations from the Teaching Assessment Working Group (TAWG) Speaker Series 2018 | Valuing Teaching: Challenges and Strategies to Value Effective Teaching

Learning and Evaluating with the Peer Review of Teaching (Youtube)
Isabeau Iqbal, PhD, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, University of British Columbia


Talk to someone

For support in developing a multi-dimensional teaching assessment model, contact Zoe Morris, Associate Director, Educational Development, in the Curriculum & Instruction Division:


Course Experience Surveys

Visit the Course Experience Surveys website for general questions about the university’s Course Experience Survey program

To speak to an individual, contact Kiran Bisra, Director, Learning Experiences Assessment & Planning: | 778 782 7138

Discover how SFU values teaching excellence

Learn about SFU’s initiatives to celebrate and assess teaching excellence on the website of the Associate VP, Learning & Teaching.