Blended Learning Design: A 10-Week Series


This 10-week cohort program is a facilitated, small-group learning experience for instructors interested in receiving support in the design or redesign of a course into a blended learning format. Participation requires a two-term commitment. Each cohort is limited to a maximum of 15 participants.

Term One: We will lead you through designing your course. You will choose which components and learning activities are best suited for online engagement and decide how to use in class learning most effectively.

Term Two: You will work with CEE’s course production and media teams to build parts of your course in Canvas.


Explore a variety of blended learning models, pedagogical approaches and instructional methods while working with CEE staff to build a prototype for one module within your blended course. This will be followed by an additional term in which you will build out the rest of your blended course with support from CEE instructional and multimedia designers. You will also receive exclusive access to blended learning experts, priority access to blended learning events, and more. Participants come from a range of disciplines and the cross-disciplinary interaction and collaboration within the cohort offers a unique and rewarding experience.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this cohort series, you will be able to:

  • Choose a pedagogical approach/model and instructional method(s) suitable for your blended course
  • Prepare a design scheme for your course based on weekly or modular organization
  • Demonstrate effective design of online collaborative tasks
  • Improve your efficiency with instructional media creation
  • Facilitate asynchronous tasks online

What to expect 

You will:

  • Explore a variety of blended learning models, pedagogical approaches and instructional methods,
  • Map out your course components,
  • Determine the delivery method (online or face-to-face) best suited to a given course component,
  • Build a prototype for the design of your modules,
  • Choose and use suitable technology tools to create individual learning activities,
  • Practice facilitating online learning activities with other participants,
  • Plan and finalize all remaining course elements in collaboration with CEE specialists.

Application Process 

Interested in joining our next cohort? Submit your Expression of Interest.

Typically offered in September, October and November.

Quotes From Past Participants

“I didn’t even really know what blended learning was at first, but CEE’s blended learning course and the building support provided by the CEE team was really helpful. I could not have designed my blended course without them.”

Anne-Kristina Arnold, BPK

“Blended learning is likely to play an increasing role in shaping the future of higher education. The pandemic created a certain expectation about what can be done online and that’s here to stay—especially at SFU where so many of our students are juggling work responsibilities and need flexibility.” 

Evan Tiffany, PHIL



The cohort program is available to faculty, instructors and graduate students interested in (re)designing a target course for blended delivery in collaboration with CEE staff and fellow instructors.

Date and Time

Duration: 10 Weeks

Scheduling: Sessions typically begin in the third week of term. 

Typically offered September through November.

Time Commitment: ~ Three hours per week. Weekly hour-long synchronous sessions, with asynchronous pre- and post-session activities in Canvas of approximately two hours per week.


Synchronous sessions held both in-person and online via Zoom. Participants can indicate their preference.

Upcoming Sessions

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