Faculty Guide to Teaching

General Policy Information and Code of Ethics

Student Conduct, Academic Integrity, Appeals

The SFU Policy Gazette contains a collection of all policies currently in effect at Simon Fraser University. In the Teaching and Instruction Section, you will find policies on exams, grade appeals and grade revisions.

Ethical Principles in University Teaching

The Society of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education has articulated 9 ethical principles for university teaching, in collaboration with 3M National Teaching fellows. The 9 Ethical Principles that define the professional responsibilities of university professors in their role as a teachers across Canada are:

  1. Content Competence
  2. Pedagogical Competence
  3. Dealing with Sensitive Topics
  4. Student Development
  5. Dual Relationships with Students
  6. Confidentiality
  7. Respect for Colleagues
  8. Valid Assessment of Students
  9. Respect of Institution